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      Entropy, Rotational versus Rectilinear


Maxwellian Demon

Please try to understand the following:

Matter has 6 degrees freedom of motion. However, the mathematical representations of the laws of thermodynamics were derived from observing thermal systems dominated by only 3 of these directions of motion, the 3 directions of rectilinear motion. Then these "laws" are applied to thermal motions dominated by the 3 axes of rotational motions when it is not always appropriate to do so.

Consider examples like electrostatic dipoles of water molecules or magnetic dipoles of electrons. In both cases, when it comes to rotational motions, they will try to move to a more ordered state of less entropy. A 3 dimensional sample of randomly rotating dipoles will tend to move to a state of greater harmony of rotational motions rather than a state of greater chaos of rotational motions. When moving to a more ordered rotational state, this is a lower energy state and the excess energy lost is often converted to heat of more random rectilinear motions but this doesn't have to be the case. The energy can be released in an orderly fashion through stimulated emission and this would violate the laws of thermodynamics that were originally written from observing random rectilinear motions.

Read more about stimulated emission in magnetic materials here: about-spinwave-lasers.php.

There may also be stimulated emission processes among water molecules taking place within thunderstorms that scientists have yet to recognize. Terrestrial gamma ray bursts in thunderstorms, also called terrestrial gamma flashes, might not be stimulated by cosmic rays as currently thought.

Rotational versus Rectilinear Entropy

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