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      Introduction to the Spin Wave Technology Book

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These are HTML text files and diagrams created over a 7-year time period while I was trying to understand the various topics that these files cover. The files and diagrams are not guaranteed to be without error although, for the most part, I believe them to explain things correctly.

In addition to trying to better understand physics in general, I began a study of unusual electrical power producing devices by various inventors that I came across on the Web.

Over the years I have done a lot of studying of spin wave processes and magnetic materials. In the newsgroups archives accessible at:, one can see some naive questions and wrong statements on my part (and hopefully a few good questions and statements as well) in my quest to understand these various processes. I have had misconceptions in the beginning on how these processes work and now I believe I have cleared up my own misconceptions, while still coming to a few conclusions that are not exactly in line with those of the average quantum physicist.

I should tell you that all my years of study are from an electronics engineer's point of view. However, I am studying phenomena that quantum physicists contend can only be described correctly with quantum theory. I have come to the conclusion that quantum behavior of atomic particles can be explained with classical electrodynamics and that there are spin wave processes and particle interactions taking place between all matter that are not being described in the most correct way by quantum theory.

In quantum theory, spin waves (magnons) are defined as the propagation of magnetic field changes from when particles flip spin states, and the effect of this on surrounding spins will propagate out from the spin that flipped states. In my research files I describe spin waves as occurring even among spins that don't flip spin states. It is a more classical electrodynamic way of explaining things. Quantum theory uses the term spin waves for this too but only in as much as the accumulated precessional motions of many precessing spins are together able to absorb or emit a whole quanta (photon) of electromagnetic radiation.

It is my contention that electromagnetic interactions occur at energy levels less than that of individual photons. It is due to non-quantized classical electrodynamic interactions of various types that particle states and particle interactions become quantized. This is explained better in this book.

Regarding the possibility of electro-gravity: in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, gravity is explained as being an effect of a warp in space-time rather than being a force. Objects that fall to Earth are actually just staying in the same place in a warped space-time. In this book, gravity is explained as being caused by the very slight attraction that develops between all matter as a consequence of the natural tendency of all matter everywhere to move towards a state of harmonious precessional motion.

This tendency is caused by the continuous exchange of a kind of electromagnetic radiation between all precessing particles that applies forces to all of them so as to move all similar type atomic particles towards a state of precessing in harmony. This in turn gives rise to a sea of standing waves among all matter. This sea can have fluctuations to the standing waves from a type of spin temperature and spin waves among all matter, which, I believe quantum theory explains as fluctuations of the zero point energy.

Gravity is an effect of a warp in space-time but this warp is caused by this unique electromagnetic interaction among all matter that is not readily apparent. So also, all fundamental forces are actually effects of various forms of warps in space-time. This is discussed in this book.

By looking at particle interactions and describing them all in a more correct manner using easy to understand classical electrodynamics it will be possible to see that a new technology based on spin wave processes can be developed. This includes electrical power generation devices without moving parts that are capable of providing all of the power anyone could want. They can consume radiant heat energy and output electrical power. Electro-gravity effects arise from the same particle spin interaction processes that allow these devices to generate electrical power.

This is all theory right now. I have made no devices. However, I have studied many devices by hobbyists and have concluded that some have accidentally succeeded in making spin wave lasing devices that output electrical power even while the inventors themselves don't truly understand how their devices are working. There are many similar homemade devices like this that have been discounted by the scientific community. I have decided to take the stance of "What if at least some are for real, and if so then how could they work?" These devices have similar electromagnetic design characteristics and they have similar electrical power, electro-gravity and temperature change characteristics.

The first paper I wrote is now chapter 28, The Nature of Time. In its original form no one understood it and I was discouraged from having much confidence in my science ideas. This was understandable since it is so difficult for me to convert abstract thoughts into clear and concise writing. Later a matriarch from Houston, Texas, whose name I don't even know, told me I should continue writing down my science ideas. I sincerely thank her for this because it has resulted in this book you are reading now.

These research papers come from my study of unusual devices and of physics in general. They have an increasing level of correctness, as in the beginning I did not understand atomic particle interactions as well as I do now. I'm sure there are many quantum physicists who will say that I still don't understand particle interactions.

I would like to thank all of those who have helped and encouraged me in this pursuit. I especially want to thank Lauren Stevens, editor for this book, and her husband, Stephan Schmidt, designer of the Vasant Corporation website. Their help and moral support have been invaluable.

I hope these research papers will be beneficial to everyone.

George J. Bugh

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Introduction to the Spin Wave Technology Book

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