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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
      Making Pseudo Element 115

The physicist, Bob Lazar, made element 115 famous decades ago when he claimed to have worked on reverse engineering an extraterrestrial flying saucer which used element 115 as a power source within an antimatter reactor. He stated that the wedge shaped piece at the heart of the antimatter reactor was made of element 115. He said that reproduction models of the flying saucer used wedge shaped pieces of element 115 that were manufactured, processed, machined, etc. from a larger stock of the material at Los Alamos National Laboratory and that the wedge shaped piece was built up in layers. In addition, Bob Lazar stated he saw relative density test data that verified it had a density similar to element 115.

element 115
Element 115 or
high tech microwave
magnetic material?

It is our contention that this material is not element 115 but rather microwave magnetic material engineered for specific magnetic characteristics at microwave frequencies. Furthermore, the device that contained the wedge was not an antimatter reactor but rather a Spin Superradiance device capable of creating high power levels of microwaves and also capable of creating a signal that could modify gravity. This is possible because gravity is nothing more than microwave frequency toggling magnetic waves with the electric field components almost completely cancelled out. More about this is available here:ISGAC Conference 2023, Link between Electromagnetism and Gravity

There are at least 2 methods that could be used to produce a material with a very high density without being element 115. Both methods involve creating multiple intermingled or interleaved atomic lattices. Each atomic lattice could remain stable with multiple other atomic lattices interlaced within each other.

The primary purpose of interleaving multiple atomic lattices would be to enhance the maximum magnetic field strength that could be created and so also to support electron precession and spinwaves at higher microwave frequencies.

Method 1: Use a type of laser cooling (or possibly maser cooling) on solid state matter to create a macroscopic Bose-Einstein condensate which intermingles at the atomic level. This could possibly be done a layer at a time in very thin layers stacked together.

Method 2: Use a technique similar to what John Hutchison stumbled onto. Modify a sample material with multiple electromagnetic radiation sources at the correct orientations, frequencies, polarizations, etc. to cause a phase shift in space-time allowing said sample to pass through unmodified matter and then allow the sample to return to its previous phase in space-time after physically moving said sample into the space occupied by another similar sample. John Hutchison was able to interleave the atomic lattices of multiple pieces of metal and also of wood and metal. Cross section cuts showed samples fully intermingled with each other.

Both methods are similar in that they both involve radiating a material with electromagnetic radiation to achieve interleaved atomic lattices of the material.

It is our opinion that because the final product ended up having a density similar to element 115, this fact was worked into a disinformation campaign in which it was claimed element 115 was supplied by extraterrestrials. Bob Lazar's handlers would carefully stage tests for Bob Lazar to help with when the whole thing was meant to use Bob Lazar to spread disinformation without him realizing he was being used.

This is not to say we don't believe in the possibilty of extraterrestrials but rather that the technology could very well have been developed here on Earth with research started after World War II. Over the decades there have been many patents for advanced technologies that get secrecy orders applied to them. A prime candidate for a secrecy order would be a patent for macroscopic atomic lattice interleaving.

Making Pseudo Element 115

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