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      Magnetic Levitation With Spin Waves

The following pdf file is of 4 preliminary chapters at the end of our last book on Spin Wave Technology and are about magnetic levitation because of its similarity to antigravity technology. In maglev systems the timing of changing magnetic fields of a vehicle are controlled to be opposite phase of changing magnetic fields on the rail track magnets so as to push against those magnetic fields. From accumulations of matter like the Earth, there are also magnetic fields that are naturally swapping polarity all the time but at microwave frequencies. These cause the pulling effect we call gravity when other objects with similar swapping magnetic fields are in phase with each other. The natural tendency is for them all to move to a state of being in phase with each other. To push against these, similar to maglev systems, it is necessary to adjust the phase of a vehicle's swapping magnetic fields.

UPDATE 08/15/2022: In the last paragraph of the downloadable chapter 41 it says: "As more mass accumulates at these centers this naturally causes the divergence to increase.". However, this is not correct. The amount of divergence per unit of mass stays the same from a spherical accumulation of mass. It is the total attractive force that increases with an increase in total mass.

The PDF file contains all pages from chapter 41 to the end of the book.

Chapter 41
Basics Of MagLev Transportation
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from the chapter Basics Of MagLev Transportation

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Spinwave Technology for Magnetic Levitation (Antigravity)

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