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      What is a Free Energy Device?

George J. Bugh                                                        Date: Jan 17, 2021

What is a "free energy" or "over unity" device?

These terms are often equated with "perpetual motion", per Wikipedia

"A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work infinitely without an energy source."

Most people presume a free energy or over unity device refers to a device that violates the laws of physics. They immediately close their mind to useful information regarding the subject. In fact, the title of this article will compel many engineers and scientists not to read further. But!!!!,

It is 100% correct that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy must always come from somewhere.

The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems

People who build a device that main stream science calls a "free energy" device are NEVER making a device that obtains energy from nothing. These people, if their device actually works, are making a device that obtains energy from an unknown source. Technically, a free energy device really ought to be called an "unknown energy source" device.

Here is a hypothetical example: Imagine we were a species incapable of feeling radiant heat or seeing light. If a few people managed to make a solar panel and position it correctly then the world would claim they made a free energy device. Those among us who already figured out the technology and didn't want anyone else to have it would then start a disinformation campaign to discredit the DIY inventor. On demonstration day, they would cast a shadow over the device to prevent it from working and declare to the world that the DIY inventor was a scam artist.

So where is the energy coming from? Why have some inventors of free energy devices, like Floyd Sweet for example, claimed their device experienced a loss of weight proportional to the electrical power being drawn from the device?

There is energy in a gravitational field. Energy is the ability of perform work by applying a force to move a mass over some distance. There is a massive amount of energy in the gravitational field of something like the Earth. If this energy were "DC" in nature then no one should be able to access this energy for useful electrical power. The fact that some people have reported the ability to create a loss of weight or loss of the pull of gravity is an indication that gravity might be "AC" in nature. It is this author's opinion that the people making free energy devices, the ones that actually work, have stumbled across a way to interface with the "AC" nature of gravity.

Bob Lazar is the first person this author knows of to propose that gravity has a wave nature and this is separate from what scientists refer to when a massive object shifts in position. The first type of gravity wave is analogous to a carrier wave while the type of gravitational wave that scientists look for with a gravitational wave observatory is analogous to amplitude modulation of the carrier wave. Bob Lazar was made to think the technology was extra terrestrial in origin but after 27 years of research this author has concluded this is terrestrial technology that has been kept secret for many decades. Sure, ET may have the technology also but we are keeping our own technology secret from ourselves for the benefit of big oil and the benefit of a compartmentalized few within the military industrial complex, and to the extreme detriment of the whole planet.

Gravity is not an intrinsic quality of matter with no process to explain it and this author does not believe there is a Higgs boson with a Higgs field responsible for matter experiencing a gravitational force and inertia. There is a better way to explain the universe.

See a summary of 27 years of research of so called "free energy" devices:

What is a Free Energy device?

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